Attending Semantik (Seminar Nasional Teknologi Informasi & Komunikasi Terapan) FIK UDINUS Semarang

July 5, 2012 under Food, Work


Hi there I’m going to report my journey to Semarang. This journey is for attending call for paper (Seminar nasional). I just submitted my paper that discussed about dashboard for faculty academic advisor (Dosen PA). The dashboard will present the attributes of student, i.e presentation, test scores and lecture schedule in the current semester. The research is done by Me and my students (Putu Utama Sanjaya, Bimbi Dara, and Kalvinly).

Day #1 (June, 22 2012)

05.30 supposed to be gathered at my home but we got Hendri Irawan late. So that we had to delay our schedule 30 minutes. Hendri Irawan rode a motorcycle that will be left at my home but unfortunately his motorcycle is bigger than my door. So he had to leave his motorcycle to campus. 06.15 Reached campus and met Hendri Irawan and Ferdyansyah. We were lucky, because we didn’t trap in the traffic jam. Usually at the morning especially from 05.00 to 10.00 we can see traffic jam in everywhere. Campus to Gambir station was only 40 minutes to spend at that day.

07.10 reached Gambir station and got hurry to platform because the train (Argo Muria) would be departed at 07.30. Argo Muria is a first class train that hauls passengers from Jakarta to Semarang round trip. 07.45 got breakfast with my favorite dish on train “Bistik Jawa” (contains grilled meat, potatoes, fried egg and some vegetables) but fortunately the taste was awful and was cold too. I didn’t enjoy it at all, for me the breakfast was rubbish.



I killed my time on train by creating a powerpoint file that will be presented tomorrow.


13.30 Reached Plabuan. Plabuan is located in north coast of Java, precisely on Batang area. If you go to Semarang by car you will see Alas Roban area. Alas Roban area is located in the south of Plabuan. Plabuan is an exotic place where has white and clean sand. I used to be there for capturing photos. My theme was train and beach. For me it’s a kind of great combination. Many railways railway enthusiast have been there for capturing train.

Plabuan coast






14.24 arrived at Semarang Tawang station and next met the driver that escorted us in Semarang. 14.45 ate at Soto Bangkong Kantor Pos Semarang. We ate soto ayam. The restaurant was so crowded. How about the taste ? it’s so so for nothing special. After we have eaten next went to hotel. In Semarang we live in Santika Hotel in Pandanaran Street.

Soto Ayam Bangkong

After we have rested for a while on hotel, next destination was Lawang Sewu. Lawang Sewu is an iconic place in Semarang. As far as I know it has 999 doors ( in Javanese means Lawang ). The admission is 10.000 IDR for adults plus 40.000 IDR for local guide.

The Admission of Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu

After satisfied around Lawang Sewu, then we went to Sam Poo Kong temple.

Sam Poo Kong (This image is taken from )

Next destination was having dinner. We decided to have dinner in Gombel (Semarang Atas). We ate at Panorama Restaurant. This resto has a superb view, we can see north Semarang from the resto.

Then after having dinner we went back to hotel. That’s our journey part #1. To be continued to part #2

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