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I’m Muhammad Ainur Rony, my nickname is Ronz. I’m a father who has 2 kids and a wife. My wife is Motika Dian Anggraeni that is a full-timer mother.As a full-timer mother, she dedicates her time to raise our children and I’m proud of her dedication to our family. My first kid is Kyara Alifia Syarizka and the second one is Kenzie Rayandra Fahryan. We live in Ciledug area. I’m doing my job as a lecturer in a private university. I’m teaching at Information Technology Faculty majoring Computer Science. Usually I teach database, HCI (Human Computer Interaction) and computer society. As a lecturer I do research. My interests are database, information system, mobile computing and knowledge management. I love to share my knowledge, so hopefully this blog can be my tool to share my knowledge to others. You can contact me on my mail


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