A Good Abstract Should Be

July 10, 2012 under Knowledge, Work

An Abstract can be :

  1. A picture of  paper.
  2. A Summary of paper.
  3. Something that can attract people to read the paper.

So how to write a good abstract ??

We have to consider that a good abstract should consist (base on http://www.ece.cmu.edu/~koopman/essays/abstract.html):

  1. Motivation -> write any interesting thing that drive you to take up the topic.
  2. Problem Statement -> what problem that you want to solve. And don’t forget to consider the scope.
  3. Approach -> methodology is a set of methods, principles, and rules to solve the problem.
  4. Result -> what is the output of the paper.
  5. Conclusion -> the implication from your research. (is it better than … , it causes more effective…)

An abstract contents 150 – 200 words. Don’t get too long, cause it will make the reader bored :D.

Happy writing guys 😀



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Remove Ads on your Android Apps

June 26, 2012 under Android, Knowledge

As a young man, I do love playing games, especially android games. One of my favorite game is Angry Birds.


The objective of the game is to kill the all pigs. Sometimes when you play the game, the ads show on the top of the screen. And it’s really annoying. So the question is “can we remove the ads without paying the apps ? “. The answer is yes we can. Just a pinch of salt, turn off data connection on your android smartphone and then play the game. You will not see any annoying ads 🙂 .

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