A Good Abstract Should Be

July 10, 2012 under Knowledge, Work

An Abstract can be :

  1. A picture of  paper.
  2. A Summary of paper.
  3. Something that can attract people to read the paper.

So how to write a good abstract ??

We have to consider that a good abstract should consist (base on http://www.ece.cmu.edu/~koopman/essays/abstract.html):

  1. Motivation -> write any interesting thing that drive you to take up the topic.
  2. Problem Statement -> what problem that you want to solve. And don’t forget to consider the scope.
  3. Approach -> methodology is a set of methods, principles, and rules to solve the problem.
  4. Result -> what is the output of the paper.
  5. Conclusion -> the implication from your research. (is it better than … , it causes more effective…)

An abstract contents 150 – 200 words. Don’t get too long, cause it will make the reader bored :D.

Happy writing guys 😀



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